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Moonkin Monthly - BFA Changes

Balance Balance
Hey all, we are back with another Episode of Moonkin Monthly. We go over the latest Balance changes on the beta with our first guest Davidq of Vodkaz (Zul’jin-US) Changes Celestial Alignment (Changed): Increases the damage of all your spells by 20% and granting you 15% Haste for 20 sec. Eclipse (New): Lunar Strike has a 20% chance to grant you Solar Empowerment.

The Best of Legion Boomkin: Part 3, Starfall Single Target

Balance Balance
The Memekin Begins Using Starfall as the single target spender was first experimented with after the 7.1.5 changes that significantly buffed Starfall, taking Boomkin from one of the worst sustained AOE specs in the game to one of the best. It went under the name “Memekin” because it utilized talents that up until that patch had been completely useless. At the time the single target Starfall build was still significantly behind the standard Starsurge build on most encounters but due to the extremely high movement on Helya the Starfall build managed to pull ahead.

The Best of Legion Boomkin: Part 2, Moon Moon & Radiant Moonlight

Balance Balance
New Moon, Half Moon and Full Moon, the Moon spells, the artifact ability or my personal preference: Moon Moon, has been a core part of the Legion Balance Druid rotation. Not only does it provide a significant amount of Astral Power, greatly reducing the amount of unempowered Solar Wraths we have to cast, it also adds an extra button to our otherwise rather boring base rotation of Solar Wrath spam with the occasional Starsurge into Lunar Strike.

The Best of Legion Boomkin: Part 1, The Emerald Dreamcatcher

Balance Balance
With Legion drawing to an end I figured it would be a good time to go over what I think has worked well for Balance Druid during the expansion. While it is unavoidable to not also touch on some aspects that I disliked, I will try to keep the focus primarily on the positives and how some of them might be incorporated into the Battle for Azeroth Balance Druid.

Moonkin Monthly Recap

Balance Balance
Hey all, we have decided to create an ongoing series for the Dreamgrove.gg website. The concept of this series is to give more insight into Balance as a whole for that month. Our hope and goals for this series is to create an long term discussion for Balance as a community. This is the introduction to the series, which happens to be a Legion recap. Hope you all enjoy!

7.3.5 Mythic+ Guide

Balance Balance
Hello and welcome to my in-depth guide on how to play Balance Druid to its maximum potential in Mythic+. This guide will go over how to play Balance Druid in M+ and assumes that you have a basic understanding of the class. If you want to learn more about the basics I recommend Gebuz’ Raiding Guide. You can find a link in the resources section. My Name is Guti and I’ve been playing Balance ever since The Burning Crusade.

Dad Build Guide

Balance Balance
An alternative to the current single target staple that is OI / IFE / Incarn, the ‘Dad’ build is called such because of it’s ease and passive play nature. The recommended single target setup for mythic plus, you run SOTF / OI / RM for single target bosses and Sephuz / LATC for trash and some AOE bosses. It has some uses in raid, but not nearly as much as for in the mythic plus scene