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Balance Antorus Talent Guide (Prepatch)

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Balance Antorus Talent Guide (Prepatch)

Balance Balance
Hey guys, we decided to help everybody out who is raiding on the pre-patch with a pre-patch specific talent guide! The talent recommendations presented in this guide were made with progression in mind, not number “padding” or farm kills where most of the highest parses come from. Keep in mind that these recommendations are made to maximize the effectiveness of our class, but does not consider YOUR raid group composition.

Balance Prepatch Guide

Balance Balance
Introduction With the Battle for Azeroth pre-patch coming, Moonkin has received some pretty extensive changes affecting our playstyle, talents, and legendary choices. This is a guide in regards to what is currently known about Battle for Azeroth Moonkin. Our focus is to build off the knowledge of the systems in Legion as opposed to a complete new player guide. A new player friendly guide will be created in the launch of BFA.

Cat Chat - M+ Woes and some Tuning Talk

Feral Feral
In this episode of CatChat (Which is a little late sorry), we discuss Feral’s AOE going into BFA and how we feel about it. We discuss (and rant a bit) about AOE, Utility and our concerns for Mythic+, as well as some discussion about tuning (which who knows could fix everything). With the added bonus of our views on the new animations in the third episode of Cat Chat!

Moonkin Monthly - MDI Talk

Balance Balance
On this edition of Moonkin Monthly we talk with MDI champion, Dorullkjell of Kjell’s Angels. We talk about the Regional Qualifiers, his experience at Globals, the future, and more! Hope you enjoy!

Balance Beta Changes: Analysis

Balance Balance
On 06/19/2018 Balance received a few very important changes on the Battle for Azeroth Beta. If you would like a link to all the changes, so you can read them yourself, you can find them here. This is going to be a breakdown of the most important changes and how they affect your play moving forward. Wowhead Post: http://www.wowhead.com/news=285032/battle-for-azeroth-26871-class-changes-abilities-talents-azerite Mastery: Starlight: Mastery Scaling was added to Moonfire and Sunfire Mastery Scaling on Fury of Elune was removed Stellar Empowerment was removed entirely

Dreamgrove Beta Key Giveaway -- Results Summary

With the Dreamgrove Beta Key Giveaway concluded, many players called for a comprehensive summary of the quiz, including in-depth statistics and a clear analysis of the results. This is what I wanted to say, but to be honest, I am drowning in the “@Slippykins quiz score WHEN???” pings. Maybe we can get Warden to do that, in pursuit of efficiency. Regardless, here’s the results summary for the Dreamgrove Giveaway quiz!

Moonkin Monthly - BFA Changes

Balance Balance
Hey all, we are back with another Episode of Moonkin Monthly. We go over the latest Balance changes on the beta with our first guest Davidq of Vodkaz (Zul’jin-US) Changes Celestial Alignment (Changed): Increases the damage of all your spells by 20% and granting you 15% Haste for 20 sec. Eclipse (New): Lunar Strike has a 20% chance to grant you Solar Empowerment.

Cat Chat - Battle for Azeroth

Feral Feral
In this episode of CatChat, we go over the current state of Feral on the beta with our first guest! Night of HC (Burning Legion-US) We discuss (and rant a bit) about the current state of changes, just how much we dislike the GCD change with regards to Tigers Fury, our opinion of Tigers Dash, and much more in the second ever episode of Cat Chat.

BFA Guardian - Talents Feedback

Guardian Guardian
This is a mirror of the post I made on the Beta Class Forums. I’ve saved a record of it here in its entirety for posterity when the forums are closed. Feel free to follow along while the thread is open here. Hi everyone, I want to talk about talents today. For the most part, Guardian talents are in a pretty good spot. But there are some problematic rows that didn’t play out well in Legion and I’d like to address those here, as well as offer some potential solutions to fix them.