Welcome to Dreamgrove!

Hey everyone! If you’re reading this, you’ve made it to the brand-new website for resources, guides, theorycrafting, and discussion about all things Druid.

This project has been incubating for quite a while and I’m happy to see it finally released to the world. It began as an annoyance with the prevalence of Google Docs for hosting guides and articles about Druids and the desire to bring everything together under a single roof. There may be a few kinks to iron out as we roll out the site fully and I am constantly thinking about ways to improve, so bear with us!

One thing you may notice is that the Resto link takes you to our sister site, Questionably Epic. QE is already a well-established and comprehensive source on resto druids (and healers in general), so we’ve decided that we will not host any resto druid content ourselves. I highly encourage you to check out their site instead, it’s a fantastic resource.

We’re starting out with a small batch of guides that are being re-hosted from old Google Docs stuff, but we’ve also got a brand new Balance Dad Build Guide that is being launched with the site. (thanks Nick for being so patient!)

Oh, and one final note. The content here will be hosted ad-free, in perpetuity. We don’t have a Patreon or special donator roles/perks - everyone will always have access to all of the content.

That’s it for now, thanks for stopping by!