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Welcome to Dreamgrove!

Hey everyone! If you’re reading this, you’ve made it to the brand-new website for resources, guides, theorycrafting, and discussion about all things Druid. This project has been incubating for quite a while and I’m happy to see it finally released to the world. It began as an annoyance with the prevalence of Google Docs for hosting guides and articles about Druids and the desire to bring everything together under a single roof.

7.3.5 Mythic+ Guide

Balance Balance
Hello and welcome to my in-depth guide on how to play Balance Druid to its maximum potential in Mythic+. This guide will go over how to play Balance Druid in M+ and assumes that you have a basic understanding of the class. If you want to learn more about the basics I recommend Gebuz’ Raiding Guide. You can find a link in the resources section. My Name is Guti and I’ve been playing Balance ever since The Burning Crusade.

Dad Build Guide

Balance Balance
An alternative to the current single target staple that is OI / IFE / Incarn, the ‘Dad’ build is called such because of it’s ease and passive play nature. The recommended single target setup for mythic plus, you run SOTF / OI / RM for single target bosses and Sephuz / LATC for trash and some AOE bosses. It has some uses in raid, but not nearly as much as for in the mythic plus scene

Guardian Tier 21 Analysis

Guardian Guardian
Let’s talk about the Guardian Tier 21 set bonuses. First, what are they? 2pc: When Gore is consumed, the cooldown of Barkskin is reduced by 1 second. 4pc: When Barkskin fades, all healing done to you is increased by 10% for 20 seconds. I want to talk about what each bonus does, how they may impact gameplay and talent choices, and then I’ll give my overall impressions of them.