Feral Opener Reference

General Feral Opener Sequence

Note about openers

An opener is not a big part of your dps. To most this might be immediately obvious, but a lot of people tend to vastly overrate the importance of a good opener. With that caveat out of the way, here is the current reference opener which we intend to keep up-to-date through the expansion. If you have any ideas about how to improve this opener, feel free to contact me. This opener is a intended to be generally useful, but obviously there might be niche situations where something else is better.

If you are a novice at feral, I’d strongly recommend starting with a guide aimed at novices as opener optimizations are completely useless effort before you are atleast an intermediate feral


During countdown:

  1. If you have bloodtalons: Precast Regrowth to gain 2 stacks of Bloodtalons.
  2. Enter Prowl
  3. Cast Berserk (but not Incarnation) 1 seconds before combat start

Start of combat

The opener sequence divides into two from here, one sabertooth-centric one and a more normal one. Because of Sabertooths Rip refresh mechanic, it is of utmost importance to apply a rip with the highest possible strength as early as possible - this may include hardcasting Regrowth, which is otherwise a loss.

For any build containing Sabertooth:

As combat starts:

  1. Cast Tiger's Fury, if you either have Lunar Inspiration, or do NOT have Bloodtalons.
  2. Cast Rake.
  3. Cast Feral Frenzy, if talented and skip to step 8.
  4. Cast Moonfire, if you have Lunar Inspiration.
  5. If you do not have Bloodtalons talented:
    • Apply Thrash
    • Cast Shred, until 5 combo points.
    • Skip to step 8.
  6. If you have Bloodtalons and Lunar Inspiration talented:
    • Cast Moonfire until 5 combo points, saving your last remaining BT stack
    • Skip to step 8.
  7. If you have Bloodtalons but not Lunar Inspiration talented:
    • Cast Thrash, consuming your last BT stack.
    • Cast Shred, until 5 combo points.
    • Break form and hardcast Regrowth
    • Re-enter form by casting Tiger's Fury.
    • Skip to step 8.
  8. Cast Rip, if executed correctly it should be applied at 5 combo points with all your available damage mods.

For any build without Sabertooth:

As combat starts:

  1. Cast Tiger's Fury
  2. Cast Rake
  3. Cast Feral Frenzy, if you have FF but not Savage Roar talented and skip to 8.
  4. Cast Moonfire, if you have Lunar Inspiration.
  5. Cast Savage Roar, if talented.
  6. Cast Feral Frenzy, if talented and skip to 8.
  7. If you got a Predatory Swiftness proc from your SR cast or don’t have Bloodtalons talented:
  8. If you didn’t get a Predatory Swiftness proc from your SR cast, or don’t have SR:
  9. Cast Rip to finish the opener sequence

Continue with normal rotation from this point.

Notes about the opener

This opener can look quite complex, and it is - mostly because of how many talents we have that affect it. But once you understand the fundamentals of the feral rotation you will quickly realise that there is really nothing unique about this opener. Almost every step here (with the exception of the hardcast regrowth) is just the application of the normal rotation.

The most odd-looking part to most people is the fact that you end up spamming moonfire in a lot of situations, this is because Moonfire doesn’t consume BT stacks, allowing you keep your original pre-casted BT stack until your application of Rip without consuming it in the process. This is uncommon in normal gameplay outside of the opener, but can arise if you for example have to use your PS charge earlier than 4 combo points.