Feral Opener Reference - Updated for 8.1

General Feral Opener Sequence

Note about openers

An opener is not a big part of your dps. To most this might be immediately obvious, but a lot of people tend to vastly overrate the importance of a good opener. With that caveat out of the way, here is the current reference opener which we intend to keep up-to-date through the expansion. If you have any ideas about how to improve this opener, feel free to contact me. This opener is a intended to be generally useful, but obviously there might be niche situations where something else is better.

If you are a novice at feral, I’d strongly recommend starting with a guide aimed at novices as opener optimizations are completely useless effort before you are atleast an intermediate feral


During countdown:

  1. If you have bloodtalons: Precast Regrowth to gain 2 stacks of Bloodtalons.
  2. Enter Prowl
  3. Cast Berserk (but not Incarnation) 1 seconds before combat start

Start of combat

As combat starts:

  1. Cast Tiger's Fury
  2. Cast Rake.
  3. Cast Rip
  4. Cast Feral Frenzy, if talented and skip to step 6.
  5. Generate Combo points using the following methods
  6. If you have Sabertooth, cast Ferocious Bite and do normal rotation from here.
  7. If you have Savage Roar, cast Savage Roar and do normal rotation from here.
  8. Cast Ferocious Bite

Continue with normal rotation from this point.