Raszageth Balance Druid Documentation

V1 Rattle
V2 Weaver

Phase 1

Stampeding Roars:
Alternate between druids: 1st 3rd 5th Winds and 2nd 4th Winds.


  • If you get 1st bomb use it there, if not then it use on 2nd bomb even if you did not get targeted.
  • Use on the 4th bomb on overlap. Make sure to preposition yourself into your spot for orbs.

Incarnation: Pull / hold for intermission

Pulsar: You need to have 560+ Pulsar for the start of the first intermission. You should stop briefly after the fifth bomb.
If your group does not have enough damage, you may need to stop after your Pulsar procs. In this case, insert some Stellar Flares in between to build up AP quickly, as they do little to no direct damage and are the fastest AP builder.
If your group is pushing the boss before the fifth wind, aim to get as close to 560 Pulsar as possible.

Fury of Elune:
Here, you should use them on cooldown and have them ready for intermission Pulsar/Incarn.
If possible, try to align them with P1 Pulsars or with the BoaT windows immediately after entering a Lunar Eclipse.
Use them when you don’t have to switch to Cat/Bear form, as you won’t receive the bonus damage from Moonkin form.

Solving winds can be straightforward with a bit of research. If the boss is positioned properly during each wind, it becomes relatively easy.
During the winds, shift into Cat form, hold W from the start of the winds, and press Wild Charge just before reaching maximum range (around the outer golden ring).
Practice this on the first winds as you won’t need Wild Charge then, and maintain the same position every time. This will put you in range of the boss and make it easy to move into position for winds 1-3.
During wind 4, you may have to move a bit after the winds have finished. You should cycle Eclipse unless a healer cooldown was missed.
During wind 5, use Bear form charge in the middle of the platform, then take the Gateway and slide into position. Until after winds 2, you can use Gateway however you like, as it will be available for wind 5.

Here, move into position. If you’re in an outer position, use Typhoon followed by Incapacitating Roar on your mote as it spawns. Your orb will usually be pushed in front of you.
To optimize the process, backpedal as the mote spawns, use Typhoon when it appears, and then press W after Typhoon and then Incapacitating Roar. This will increase the number of motes hit by Roar.
If you have Ring of Frost assigned to your position, backpedal out of it and use Typhoon to push the mote into it. This has a chance of pushing it behind you if it’s hit by the Ring of Frost first.
Use Solar Beam if any motes are up after Typhoon and Roar.

If you have a bomb, move out of the group and have one of the following, then use Bear Form:

  • You are below 90% HP with no external or Barkskin,
  • You are below 70% HP with a weak external or Barkskin
  • You are below 50% HP (your healers suck) > HP POT [You NEED to use one in p1 up until last motes, (NOT healthstone)]

Wild Charges:
You are only allowed to use Wild charge in these spots:

  • Before or right after a bomb. (Maximum two globals after the explosion.)
  • During Winds.


You should have the following prepared before doing into I1:
Healing Potion, 1 Wrath into Lunar Eclipse, 15-25 Shooting Stars, 560 AP with Pulsar, Barkskin, Renewal, Incarnation, Fury of Elune, and 3 mushrooms.

Your rotation before getting knocked down should be:
Momentum Redistributor Boots, Moonfire on the right add, Moonfire on the middle add, LAND, Wrath, Starfall 3 times (4 times if shooting stars are above 25), Sunfire, Mushroom, Starfall (2 times if Orbit Breaker), Fury of Elune, Moonfire twice, Starfall, Incarnation, Mushroom, Moonfire, Starfall, and then continue with what feels right until the next add. At the end of the second add or the start of the third add, you need to use your Pulsar. This depends on the breath rotation you get. Do not use your second Fury of Elune in this phase, as it will not be available for your Pulsar during the first shield.

Barkskin: Before 1st shields on 1st add, then hold for p2. If your group is not pushing 2nd shield, use it there.

Roars: Alternate 2nd breath and 3rd breath beween druids, Windrush 1st breath.


ASAP get into Eclipse so you get a 4p proc before shield that u can proc your pulsar with. Have around 450Pulsar so that you get your pulsar right on shield. Use Foe on shield after pulsar proc. After that use all FoEs on shields.

Incarnation: 2nd shield

Barkskin: Shields

Renewal: on demand whenever you need it.

Bombs: If gods picked you, run out, bearform > frenzied regen, healthstone if needed > walk back in range of healers.

HP Pot: Around last motes whenever you need it, if you are low before, prepop, if not then use after motes.

Wild Charge: You jump the lightning circle with Catform Wild Charge. Make sure you are far enough from boss to be able to use it. If you are too close it will not go off.

Mushrooms: Pool up all charges for shields, but keep one for intermission2 adds on last shield.

Fury of Elune: Use only inside shields.


Here you want to only play for objectives. If you have to roar melee camp, concentrate on that and do not get hit, if you have to bait a breath do not do a bad job at it, if you have to root concentrate on that.
You want to have all cds up for last phase.
This phase is pretty straight forward, just play objectives and win. Cycle roars on Breaths.

Mass Root 1: (Druid1) Use this whenever all the adds are in the middle. If no adds get slowed, they will stop in place for 0.5s whenever they reach the middle of the platform. That is when you want to root.
Mass Root 2: (Druid2) Use this whenever the 2nd set meets the 1st set, this one should not be a problem, but you can always use Ring of Frost or Ring of Peace to make it a bit easier.
Mass Root 3: (Druid3) This will become available around 2-3 seconds after the 2nd set reaches the middle. Make sure to pay attention if Root2 hit every add, if not you can patch it up with Root3.


Pop everything at the start. Dot everything and cycle eclipse first, then pop Inc asap do not wait for a full pulsar proc to use it, you will get a 2nd Inc later in the fight.

Roars: Alternate Roars like in P1 but on grips instead of winds.

Barkskin: 2nd Grip, 4th Grip

Renewal: On demand.

Healthpot: Late in the phase, around 10:20 whenever it comes off CD on demand.

Healthstone: On demand, as late as possible.

You won! GZ on CE.