Balance Druid 10.1.5 News

Summary of changes 2023-07-11

Patch notes can be found here:

A forum post from Jundarer can be found here which goes a bit more in depth:

10.1.5 Changes

A new talent, “Rising Light, Falling Night,” increases your damage and healing by 3% during the day and increases your Versatility by 2% at night.

As most people are raiding at night this will just be a 2% Versatility increase, you will never not take this talent.
Anything about instances always being “day” is not accurate, it’s just dependent on the server-time.

Lunar Shrapnel was redesigned. Starfall now deals 20% increased damage and is a 1 point talent.

Will probably not see much play outside of sustained AoE fights and big pull dungeons

Wild Surges bonus to Wrath and Starfire critical strike chance was reduced to 12% from 15%.

Astral Smolder duration was reduced from 8 seconds to 6 seconds.

Stellar flare is basically neutral to Astral smolder but the max dps of Astral Smolder is higher, meaning there is no real reason to talent out of it.

Increase in New Moon, Half Moon, and Full Moon Damage
New Moon damage increased by 100%.
Half Moon damage increased by 45%.
Full Moon damage increased by 15%.

Moons will now be a contender for Single target, ~1% ahead of Fury of Elune

Fury of Elune Changes
Radiant Moonlights Fury of Elune cooldown reduction is now 15 seconds (was 20 seconds).
The damage caused by Fury of Elune was reduced by 10%.

Will still be used for any multi-target scenario over Moons, this also means that cancelling pulsar will not be as benificial since Fury of Elune doesn’t line up regardless.

Warrior of Elune now starts its cooldown as soon as it’s activated, but the bonuses to your next 3 Starfires must be used within 25 seconds.

Makes you have to think a bit when you use it so that you actually utilize all charges

Umbral Intensity now increases damage dealt by Wrath by 20% per point (was 10%) and the damage Starfire deals to nearby targets increased by 15% per point (was 10%).

Probably won’t see much play as there are better talents to choose from and it doesn’t enable any interesting pathing in the talent tree

Nature’s Grace now only triggers after an Eclipse ends, not when extending an Eclipse with Celestial Alignment. This change brings a new dynamic to the utilization of Eclipse during combat.

Doesn’t really help with anything, makes you not want to extend incarn with pulsar if possible

All spell damage dealt by Balance Druids was increased by 5%.

Waning Twilight’s damage and healing were increased to 10%, up from 8%.


Single target


Sustained AoE