Balance 8.2 Update

While Moonkin hasn’t received any direct changes in 8.2, there are many things being added to the game that change what you need to know if you wish to keep your character up to date. This 8.2 Guide is going to go over Essences, Professions, Consumables, Trinkets, and Azerite. This includes sims for everything, but be sure to sim your own character for full accuracy.


Our best major Essences likely will be Vision of Perfection, Condensed Life-Force and Conflict and Strife (situationally). Vision of Perfection is an all around good Essence for damage. Condensed Life-Force and Conflict and Strife are more situational, These would be good when you need reliable heavy burst or for Mythic+ respectively.

Sadly you can’t actually obtain any of these essences until the Palace of Azshara arrives, so you’ll have to make due with other essences in the meantime.

Essences you can obtain early on which still award a sizeable damage increase are the following: Blood of the Enemy, Memory of Lucid Dreams and The Crucible of Flame. The choice between these comes down to the type of fight. Blood of the Enemy is very powerful if you can get in melee to cast the major ability, especially on multiple targets, while Memory of Lucid Dreams is the best for single target. The Crucible of Flame Essence is quite decent and the first Essence you get, doing decent priority damage and average single target.

Below are the sims for the major Essences on single target and 5 targets respectively.


Minor Essences are a bit easier to choose from as the seemingly powerful ones are easy to obtain early on. These are Worldvein Resonance and Lucid Dreams. Worldvein Resonance is unmatched when you have even a couple other people using the trait as well, and scales the best with more targets. Lucid Dreams is a decent choice otherwise.

Below are the sims for the minor Essences on single target and 5 targets respectively. Keep in mind that Worldvein is simmed assuming you have 3 other allies with the Essence.


Use the chart below to figure out where you can obtain these Essences.


Special thanks to Questionably Epic for this very useful chart.


It’s worth mentioning that trinkets have been changed to scale with secondary stats rather than primary stats, so damage proc trinkets and other gear have received sizeable power increases. You should sim any high ilvl trinkets to check if they’re an upgrade for you now.


We recommend that you take Leatherworking and Engineering as your professions as they give the biggest upgrades to your character. Engineering allows you to unlock a 445 Azerite helmet with Streaking Stars on it, and Leatherworking can craft two 440 socketed pieces of gear.


Our best food is Baked Port Tato, even beating out feasts. For your weapon enchant you’ll want Machinist's Brilliance as seen below.


Finally, for your potion of choice, you’ll want to use Potion of Focused Resolve on pure single target, Potion of Unbridled Fury on 2-3 targets or 1 target if there is any cleave, and Potion of Empowered Proximity on 4+ targets.


Thanks for reading! If you have any suggestions or questions, be sure to message Goosy or Nick on discord.