Venthyr Compendium

The legendary Venthyr depends on is currently bugged to not work with the Endless Thirst conduit, meaning the extra 5 seconds are not gaining the crit chance. It is assumed that bug is fixed for the purpose of this guide. You will not match the expected dps on ptr though.

This guide is not telling you to pick Venthyr or that Venthyr is always the superior pick. It is simply made to show everything about how to maximize your potential as a Venthyr Balance Druid if you do decide to switch to Venthyr. As we are still in the PTR-cycle it is very possible that the next PTR patch will either make Venthyr far worse or make another Covenant far better.

All information in this guide was tested and verfied using simulations and the (current) APL can be found here as long as Venthyr is only relevant for PTR: https://github.com/balance-simc/Balance-SimC/blob/master/balance_ptr.txt.

Everything in this guides assumes you are playing with the new Venthyr legendary Sinful Hysteria as this is the reason that Venthyr has gotten any attention at all.

Going from Night Fae Balance Druid to Venthyr Druid is a big gameplay change on single target and will take some getting used to so don’t expect your first runs to be succesful.

Due to no longer using Balance of All Things there is no longer as compelling of a reason to Starsurgeat the beginning of an Eclipse and thus you can often save Astral Power for movement without any relevant dps loss. StarsurgeEmpowerment exists but it is a very weak effect.

On single target about 65% of your damage will be during CA/Inc+ Ravenous Frenzy meaning it is extremely important to be able to cast during that time and that the target will live for the entire duration of your cooldowns. Since the legendary only does anything during our cooldowns you will do about 20% less damage outside cooldowns than you did with NF-BoAT Balance Druid.

Single target priority list OUTSIDE cooldowns:

  • Keep up Moonfire, Sunfire and Stellar Flare and refresh within pandemic
  • Enter the next Eclipse, preferring Solar Eclipse
  • Cast Fury of Elune if it will be up again for your next usage in CA/Inc
  • Cast Starsurge when you would overcap Astral Power before entering the next Eclipse. This usually equates to spending 3 Starsurges at the start like you did with BoAT but can vary. Don’t spend if you need to move soon.
  • Cast Wrath in Solar Eclipse
  • Cast Starfire in Lunar Eclipse
  • Cast dots if have nothing to cast while you are moving

Single target priority list BEFORE cooldowns:

  • Make sure to have 90+ Astral Power before using cooldowns.
  • Make sure Fury of Elune will be up at the end.

Single target priority list INSIDE cooldowns: Before the 5s extension buff:

During the 5s Ravenous Frenzy extension buff:

2+ target priority OUTSIDE cooldowns:

Any situation:

  • Keep up Sunfire as long as your targets will live for another ~10 seconds (the amount of time is reduced per target hit).
  • Keep up Starfall at all times or use on cooldown with Stellar Drift .
  • Enter Solar Eclipse if that is your next Eclipse.
  • Before Lunar Eclipse cast Moonfire if:
    • All targets can be hit by Starfire.
    • There are 5 or less targets (10 or less with Twin Moons).
    • All targets will live through the entire Lunar Eclipse.
    • You will not lose Starfall uptime.
  • Enter Lunar Eclipse if you can.

During Solar Eclipse:

  • Use Starsurge to prevent overcapping.
  • Keep up Moonfire on up to 10 targets (20 with Twin Moons) if they will live through the next Eclipse and you won’t lose Starfall uptime.
  • Starfire when 5 targets can be hit by it, increased by 1 target for every 20% mastery you have.
  • Cast Wrath.

During Lunar Eclipse:

  • Use Starsurge to prevent overcapping AsP until 6 targets at which point you should overcap.
  • Refresh Moonfire if you are at 4 (8 with Twin Moons) targets or below if the targets will live through the next Eclipse.
  • Cast Starfire

BEFORE cooldowns:

  • If the pack will last more than 35s put Moonfire on up to 8 targets (16 with Twin Moons). This happens very rarely but is a gain in case it happens.
  • Refresh Sunfire so you only have to refresh it once during Cooldowns.

DURING Ravenous Frenzy:

  • Refresh Sunfire during pandemic
  • Keep Starfall up at all times or on cooldown with Stellar Drift. Try to time the last Starfall with Drift so that it will be up during the last 8s of your cooldowns.
  • Refresh Moonfire on up to 4 (8 with Twin Moons) targets
  • https://wago.io/mYVIsyQN8 for filler. The recommendation this WeakAura gives is not correct when your targets will die before your cooldowns end or the targets are spread.
  • If the filler is Wrath or up to 5 targets use Starsurge to prevent overcapping

The following are super minor things you can do but are ultimately very insignificant:

  • Dotting outside Eclipse without losing dot uptime on single target is a ~0.4% gain when not using Solstice.
  • At 150%+ haste using Starfire is minorly better than Wrath on single target. This will only happen with Power Infusion or very high haste.
  • With Stellar Drift it is dps neutral to Starfall during Ravenous Frenzy as long as you enter Sinful Hysteria with 90+ AsP.
  • Without Incarnation and a low enough Precise Alignment it is a minor gain to use Ravenous Frenzy before Celestial Alignment so that CA will be up throughout Frenzy+Hysteria. The exact timing depends on your Precise Alignment rank but it should be no more than 2 globals after the Frenzy cast.
  • If the fight time allows it wait for Euphoria/Fatal Flaw(Nadija Soulbinds) before using cooldowns. This is relevant for 5-6 min kill times.
  • If the fight allows it wait for pot to be up again. This is relevant for 6min fights.


Once everything is on live you will be able to sim as normal and that will, as always, give you the best results. It is to note that for Venthyr sims adjusting the fight duration can have a relevant impact on how strong some items maybe so it can be beneficial to adjust the sim duration to fight the fight you are simming for. Keep in mind that there will be a 20% fight length variance in sims meaning that a 5min sim is actually a 4-6min sim.


Generally you will want an on-use trinket and the strongest passive trinket you can find. The strongest on-use trinkets are Inscrutable Quantum Device, Empyreal Ordnance (yes, without double on-use) and Instructor's Divine Bell (yes, it’s still broken even at low ilvl). IQD and Bell can be combined for a minor dps increase in the sub 0.5% area, although if that is better with your ilvl trinket you will have to sim. The raid on-use trinkets are all bad because we are a 3min class.

As a passive trinket you have a plethora of options. For single target your best options are the new trinkets Titanic Ocular Gland (2nd boss raid), Forbidden Necromantic Tome (last boss raid), Tome of Monstrous Constructions (1st boss raid), Infinitely Divisble Ooze, Unbound Changeling, Soul Cage Fragment (World Boss) and a bunch of others. For AoE/M+ the damage proc trinkets fall off meaning you won’t want the Tome or Oooze but the other trinkets stay as good. As always just sim what trinkets are best from the ones you have.

Ideal stats:

Ideal stats are something that are not realistic to achieve and should thus not be a goal of any kind, this section is purely for interest. Independent of that with Venthyr Balance Druid mastery and haste are far, far more valuable than crit and vers as your sims will show. In fact when you could choose any kind of stats you wouldn’t want any crit or vers but again this is not realistic.