Patch 9.0 FAQ

Balance Druid FAQ

1. Openers

Kyrian - with and without Balance of All Things(BoAT) with Nature's Balance(NB):
Wrath, Wrath, Starfire, dots, Starfire, Starfire, Celestial Alignment/Incarnation(CA/Inc), Empower Bond, Starsurge 3x

Night Fae - no BoAT (with NB):
Wrath, Wrath, Starfire, dots, CA/Inc, Starsurge 2x, Convoke, Starsurge until you have no more AsP

Night Fae - with BoAT (with NB):
Wrath, Wrath, Starsurge, Starsurge, dots, CA/Inc, Convoke, Starsurge until you have no more AsP


In raid with Nature’s Balance first 12 Astral Power gets reset to 50.

Start casting from max range at ~3.5 sec.

2. What Legendaries should I craft?

Night Fae:

In Raid: BoAT

In M+: BoAT or Pulsar if you are pulling big commonly


In Raid: BoAT

In M+: BoAT has minorly more value and also Pulsar if you are pulling big commonly

3.What slot do I craft legendaries in?

BoAT slot:

In almost every scenario craft on boots (mastery and haste/vers).

The reason for this is that you can’t get good stats on boots from neither raid nor m+.

Pulsar slot:

Gloves because of the fact that Denathrius shoulders have higher ilvl.

4. What Covenant should I pick?


Scales into AoE

Night Fae:

Very good on ST


Good for high M+ with big pulls


Not currently competitive

5. What Talents should I run?


6. What potions should I use?

Potion of Spectral Intellect for all cases.

7. How does Kindred Spirits (Kyrian covenant ability) work?

When you use it both people get an empty pool that lasts 20 seconds and 15% of your damage, healing and damage taken empties the pool to increase/lessen each. Each person also gets a buff that lasts 10 seconds and during that time 20% of your damage fills up the pool of the other person.

8. Who do I bond Kindred Spirits with and when do I use it?

All specs with a 1min cd on abilities are good, for example MM hunter. Always make sure you use it when your partner uses his cd and when using BoAT make sure a BoAT window is within bond buff.

9. Should I delay Convoke for it to line up with CA?

If you do not lose a Convoke cast yes, if not press it on cooldown. Similarly you delay CA for Convoke if you would not lose a CA cast. The exception for this is when using a strong on use trinket like Quantum Device or Empyreal Ordnance in which case you should always delay Convoke for CA unless the fight would be over before you could combo them again.

10. Should I pick another Covenant?

If you are not happy with your current Covenant you can do that. The renown catchup is very forgiving, although if you are switching to Night Fae it should be noted that you only get the conduit Conflux of Elements on 145 ilvl.

11. How does Inscrutable Quantum Device work?

When this trinket is used, it triggers one of the effects listed below.

  • remove CC from self: Always triggers if you are under a hard CC mechanic, does not trigger if the CC mechanic does not prevent the player from acting (e.g., it won’t trigger while rooted).

  • heal spell: Triggers on self or a nearby target with less than 30% health remaining.

  • execute damage: Deals damage to the target if it is an enemy with less than 20% health remaining. (You can prevent this by untargetting the mob.)

  • Triggers on a nearby healer with less than 20% mana.

  • If a Bloodlust buff is up, the stat buff will last 25 seconds instead of the default 20 seconds.

  • The secondary stat granted is randomly selected from stat from the player’s two highest secondary stats in terms of rating. In Bloodlust however, the highest stat will always be chosen.

12. Is Balance/BoAT/Night Fae getting nerfed?

We do not know, we are not working at Blizzard.

13. What is Balance Druids stat priority?

Sim yourself on Raidbots, stat weights differ a lot.


In general BoAT devalues Crit.

14. What is my AoE priority?

AoE (with Soul of the Forest+ Stellar Drift):

  • Keep Starfall permanently up.

  • Keep Sunfire permanently up. (Be sure to hit all of the mobs with one Sunfire cast)

Lunar Eclipse:

  • Do not Moonfire, just spam Starfire if you are at 5 targets or above.

  • Moonfire if you are at 4 targets or below.

  • Spam Starfire.


  • Keep Moonfire up between 1 and 10 targets if they live for more than 10-15sec.

  • Starfire on 5 targets or above, increased by 1 every 20% mastery. (Only if you can hit all of them)

  • Wrath if Starfire isn’t worth casting.


  • This should be used as a priority, going from top to bottom.

  • Prioritize Lunar Eclipse over Solar Eclipse.

  • Do not press Starsurge in Lunar Eclipse if you are on 5 targets or above and they can be hit by Starfire. (Yes, overcap AP)

15. How do I play with BoAT?

  • Always pool so that you enter a new Eclipse with enough Astral Power to chain 3 Starsurges.

  • If this means you overcap that is fine and expected.

  • If you are able to use Starsurge outside the BoAT window and still have enough for the next one cast the Starsurge as early as possible.

  • With Convoke use up all of your Astral Power at the end of the previous Eclipse so that you enter the next Eclipse with less than 40 Astral Power and can cast Convoke.

16. What is Astral damage?

Astral damage is Arcane and Nature damage at the same time meaning that these spells benefit from effects that buff either spell school and double dip whenever effects that buff both are active. Mind that class buffs only affect class spells so if a trinket does nature or arcane damage they are not affected by our buffs to these classes.

17. How to play NF double on use:

Basic version:

  • Use Empyreal Ordnance on pull and 20sec before pressing CA.
  • Hold Convoke for CA.

Advanced version:

  • Use the normal NF BoAT opener.
  • Press Empyreal Ordnance in between the first 2 Starsurges (on pull), then spam Starfire in Lunar Eclipse while pooling for the next Solar Eclipse.
  • After exiting Lunar Eclipse (around 15sec into the fight) you want to go into Solar Eclipse, dump all your remaining AP and re use all 3 of your dots.
  • Around 21sec into the fight press CA, your 2nd on use trinket, your potion and Convoke.
  • Continue your normal rotation.


After the first CA Convoke you should be at 2 Starlord stacks. Because Convoke does not give you Starlord stacks, you want to use 1 Starsurge, then pool AP up until your Starlord ends, then dump 3 Starsurges asap for the 3 Starlord stacks that should last until the end of your CA, then cancel Starlord at the start of your next solar eclipse if it does not line up.

18. How do I use instant Starfire procs from Owlkin Frenzy?

When Lunar Eclipse is active use it asap. When ONLY Solar Eclipse is active use it when fighting 3+ targets or when you need to move. Otherwise let it expire.