Patch 9.0.5 FAQ

Balance Druid FAQ

9.0.5 Changes

Necrolord: Adaptive Swarm damage and healing increased by 25% and the effectiveness of periodic effects increased to 35% (was 30%):

While Adaptive Swarm definitely needed a buff this will barely change anything and is not anywhere close to enough to make it a viable spell. The problem with the spell lies in it being sustained damage that needs setup which is inherently worse than burst like all other covenant abilities and on top of that doesn’t scale with targets. The changes allow Necrolord druids to do whopping 2.5% more single target damage and 1% more AoE damage.

Venthyr: Endless Thirst(Covenant Conduit) now increases your critical strike chance by .8% per stack at Rank 1 (was .5%):

Venthyr also required some buffs but these don’t address the main problem Venthyr Druids have which is horrendous single target damage. They were 9%(!) behind on single target compared to Night Fae and are now still 7% behind. That being said starting from 3 targets Venthyr is now the best Covenant. The extreme loss in single target damage will still only be very rarely worth it and at least for raids Venthyr will continue being a troll pick.

For a more detailed overview visit https://balance-simc.github.io/Balance-SimC/ which has updated sims.

Kyrian - with and without Balance of All Things(BoAT) with Nature's Balance(NB):
Wrath, Wrath, Starfire, dots, Starfire, Starfire, Celestial Alignment/Incarnation(CA/Inc), Empower Bond, Starsurge 3x

Night Fae - no BoAT (with NB):
Wrath, Wrath, Starfire, dots, CA/Inc, Starsurge 2x, Convoke, Starsurge until you have no more AsP

Night Fae - with BoAT (with NB):
Wrath, Wrath, Starsurge, Starsurge, dots, CA/Inc, Convoke, Starsurge until you have no more AsP


In raid with Nature’s Balance first 12 Astral Power gets reset to 50.

Start casting from max range at ~3.5 sec.

Night Fae:

In Raid: BoAT

In M+: BoAT or Pulsar if you are pulling big commonly but currently not recommended due to the st loss.


In Raid: BoAT

In M+: BoAT for slightly more st and Circle or Pulsar for more AoE.

BoAT slot:

In almost every scenario craft on boots (mastery and haste/vers).

The reason for this is that you can’t get good stats on boots without being lucky in the weekly chest. Difference is extremely small either way.

Pulsar slot:

Gloves because of the fact that Stone Legion Generals shoulders have higher ilvl.

Circle slot:

Head because of the higher stat budget.

Night Fae:

By far the best Covenant for single target, easy to use and has extreme burst making it the best overall pick.


Can perform well with a partner and is better in AoE than Night Fae but due to how the ability works it’s rare to be able to get good value.


Good for high M+ with big pulls but heavily outclassed on single target (roughly 7% worse than NF).


Not currently competitive.

Default single target setup (pure single target raid bosses):

Default AoE setup (M+ and heavy AoE bosses):

Note that Force of Nature can and should be used in M+ for any key level where the tank could die even though they are a minor dps loss.

Mixed target count or mostly spread AoE (Inerva, Council):

Incarnation should only be used for spread AoE like Council to pad on the waiters.

Potion of Spectral Intellect for all situations.

When you use Kindred Spirits both people get an empty pool that lasts 20 seconds and 15% of your damage, healing and damage taken empties the pool to increase/absorb each. Each person also gets a buff that lasts 10 seconds and during that time 20% of your damage fills up the pool of the other person.

All specs with a 1min cd on abilities are good, for example Mages and MM hunter. Always make sure you use it when your partner uses his cd and when using BoAT make sure a BoAT window is within the Empower Bond buff.

Yes you should always delay Convoke UNLESS you can cast a Convoke without losing a CA+Convoke (both at the same time) cast. This will for example happen in 5 minute fights where you would cast Convoke+CA on pull, Convoke alone after 2 minutes and then Convoke+CA at 4 minutes.

For M+ the same logic applies when you for example know you won’t be using your CA for another 2min due to saving it for a boss you can use a solo Convoke. This should be minimized though as every desynced Convoke is a damage loss.

If you are not happy with your current Covenant you can do that. The renown catchup is very forgiving, although if you are switching to Night Fae it should be noted that you only get the conduit Conflux of Elements on 145 ilvl.

When this trinket is used, it triggers one of the effects listed below.

  • Remove CC from self: Always triggers if you are under a hard CC mechanic, does not trigger if the CC mechanic does not prevent the player from acting (e.g., it won’t trigger while rooted).

  • Heal spell: Triggers on self or a nearby target with less than 30% health remaining.

  • Execute damage: Deals damage to the target if it is an enemy with less than 20% health remaining. (You can prevent this by untargetting the mob via a macro, see #19.)

  • If a Bloodlust buff is up, the stat buff will last 25 seconds instead of the default 20 seconds, always be your highest rating and have higher prio than giving mana.

  • Triggers on a nearby healer with less than 20% mana.

  • The secondary stat granted is randomly selected from the player’s two highest secondary stats in terms of rating.

We do not know, we are not working at Blizzard.

Sim yourself using Raidbots Top Gear. Do not follow any stat priorities.

AoE (with Soul of the Forest+ Stellar Drift) starting at 2 targets:

Any situation:

  • Keep Starfall permanently up at any cost.

  • Keep Sunfire permanently up. (Be sure to hit all of the mobs with one Sunfire cast)

Outside any Eclipse:

  • Refresh Moonfire outside of Eclipse if and only if ALL of the following are true:

    • The next eclipse you will enter is Lunar Eclipse
    • All targets can be hit by Starfire
    • There are 5 or less targets
    • All targets will live through the entire Lunar Eclipse
    • You will not lose Starfall uptime
  • Enter the next Eclipse if in no Eclipse, preferring Lunar Eclipse.

Lunar Eclipse and both Eclipses (CA/Inc):

  • Use Starsurge to stop yourself from overcapping AsP until 6 targets at which point you should overcap.

  • Refresh Moonfire if you are at 4 targets or below if the targets will live through the next Eclipse.

  • Spam Starfire.

Solar Eclipse:

  • Use Starsurge to stop yourself from overcapping AsP.

  • Keep Moonfire up between 1 and 10 targets if they live through the next Eclipse and you won’t lose Starfall uptime by doing so.

  • Starfire when 5 targets can be hit by it, increased by 1 target for every 20% mastery you have.

  • Wrath.


  • This should be used as a priority, going from top to bottom.

Pure Single Target with BoAT:

  • If you have CA and Convoke off cooldown, then use them both together (refer to #19) when below 40 AP. For cooldown usage refer to #9. Without Convoke use CA at 90+ AsP on cd.

  • Transition into the next Eclipse if you are currently not in one, preferring Solar Eclipse when possible.

  • Dump as many Starsurges as possible in the first globals of each Eclipse. The goal should be that the first 3 globals are always 3 Starsurges.

  • Refresh Moonfire/Sunfire/Stellar Flare if:

    • The first 3 Starsurges are not being delayed.
    • You are currently inside an Eclipse.
    • The specific dot is below 30% of its base duration (pandemic window).
  • Use Starsurge if you are going to overcap and will not lose one of your 3 Starsurges at the start of the next Eclipse. Up to 10 Astral Power can be overcapped in each Eclipse. If you overcapped more use Starsurge earlier in that situation.

  • Use Wrath (inside Solar Eclipse) or Starfire (inside Lunar Eclipse) until you reach the next Eclipse.


  • Maximizing Eclipse uptime allows you to maximize BoAT and Solstice uptime.

  • With Convoke use up all of your Astral Power in the previous Eclipse so that you enter the next Eclipse with less than 40 Astral Power and can cast Convoke.

  • Having around 70 AsP at the end of an Eclipse is usually enough to be able to triple Starsurge at the start of the next Eclipse.

Astral damage is Arcane and Nature damage at the same time meaning that these spells benefit from effects that buff either spell school and double dip whenever effects that buff both are active. Mind that class buffs only affect class spells so if a trinket does nature or arcane damage they are not affected by our buffs to these spell classes.

Basic version:

  • Use Empyreal Ordnance on pull and 20sec before pressing CA.
  • Hold Convoke for CA.

Advanced version:

  • Use the normal NF BoAT opener.
  • Press Empyreal Ordnance in between the first 2 Starsurges (on pull), then spam Starfire in Lunar Eclipse while pooling for the next Solar Eclipse. If you are inside a bloodlust window and around 400-500 haste you will most likely have to dump another Starsurge in this lunar Eclipse in order to not overcap.
  • After exiting Lunar Eclipse (around 15sec into the fight) you want to go into Solar Eclipse, dump all your remaining AP and re use all 3 of your dots.
  • Around 21sec into the fight, when you have the Empyreal Ordnance buff and can use your other trinket, press CA, your 2nd on-use trinket, your potion and Convoke.
  • Continue your normal rotation.


After the first CA Convoke you should be at 2 Starlord stacks. Because Convoke does not give you Starlord stacks, you want to use 1 Starsurge, then pool AsP up until your Starlord ends, then dump 3 Starsurges asap for the 3 Starlord stacks that should last until the end of your CA, then cancel Starlord at the start of your next Solar Eclipse if it does not line up.

When Lunar Eclipse is active use Owlkin Frenzy procs asap. When ONLY Solar Eclipse is active use it when fighting 3+ targets or when you need to move. Otherwise let it expire.

/stopmacro [channeling: convoke the spirits]
/stopmacro [noform:4]
/cast Celestial Alignment
/use 13
/use Potion of Spectral Intellect
/cast Convoke the Spirits


  • DO NOT use this macro while on the gcd (like just having casted a dot or Starsurge) or the Convoke will not fire. Wait until the gcd is finished.

  • “#showtooltip” makes the tooltip of CA show upon hovering over the macro.

  • “/stopmacro [channeling: convoke the spirits]” prevents the macro from being casted if you are currently channeling Convoke.

  • “/stopmacro [noform:4]” prevents the macro from being casted if you are NOT in Moonkin Form.

  • “/cast Celestial Alignment” casts CA.

  • “/cleartarget” clears your current target. This is useful whenever using the “Inscrutable Quantum Device” trinket and makes it so that the trinket does not use its execute part. Do not use this with a targeted trinket.

  • “/use 13” uses the trinket in the 13/upper slot. You can use 14 if your on-use trinket is in the bottom slot.

  • “/targetlasttarget retargets your last target after being cleared by the “cleartarget”.

  • “/use Potion of Spectral Intellect” uses your potion. If your potion is not assigned to any specific point you can put it here.

  • “/cast Convoke the Spirits” uses the Nightfae covenant ability.

  • “/cqs” cancels your queued spell. Convoke can sometimes cancel itself when using a macro due to weirdness with spell queuing. This stops any weirdness thus your Convoke from ever cancelling itself.

You can and should remove/add other commands to this macro depending on situation. For example the potion line, or the “stopmacro [noform:4]” line.

No, our dots (Moonfire, Sunfire, Stellar Flare) do NOT snapshot, everything is dynamic. That means any dots gain/lose the mastery bonus upon entering/leaving the Eclipse that buffs them.

1 Target:

  • Starfire if at or above 110% haste (You would currently need both Bloodlust and Power Infusion or other external haste buffs in order to reach this amount. A WeakAura tracking your current haste value might come in handy.)
  • Wrath if below 110% haste

2 Targets and above:

  • Starfire


  • 99% of the time Niya - Use Burrs for 1-3 targets or when there are immune targets it can proc on. Otherwise use a second potency conduit.
  • 1% of the time Korayn - usable on Council of Blood if you are trying to pad on waiters. Disclaimer: Only usable in Mythic if waiters live long with Niklaus last. Also do not use it while progressing.



  • Conflux of the Elements: 100% of the time this should be your first go to potency slot.
  • Fury of the Skies: Default go to if the mobs live for a long duration or the pack density is low.
  • Umbral Intensity: Default go to if the mobs live for a short duration or the pack density is high.
  • Precise Alignment: Around the same value as Fury and Umbral, you can pick it if you don’t know which of the other two to pick, might have some value if you want to extend your burst windows on AoE.
  • Stellar Inspiration: Currently not ever worth using with only two Potency slots available.

Notes: Conflux is always used and the only choice to be made is between your 2nd potency slot which should be Fury or Umbral most of the time. This is mostly dungeon/personal preference as they have around the same throughput.


  • Well-Honed Instincts: Default go to, one of the most overtuned endurance conduits in the game raid wise.
  • Ursine Vigor: Really good if you will ever go into bear form to soak an ability. Especially good on progression and if you will ever press Heart of the Wild while being talented into Guardian Affinity. Examples: SLG Goliath wicked blade overlap / Sludgefist 2nd Chain Slam.
  • Tough as Bark: Good if you press Barkskin a lot or the fight timers require a shorter CD on it.
  • Innate Resolve: You can think of this as a buff to Well-Honed Instincts.
  • Layered Mane: Unlike Well-hones Instincs this is a Guardian conduit that actually only Guardian wants.

Notes: Default Instincts and pick one of the other three usable conduits as your second choice.


  • Born Anew: Good default pick, a main stat buff for a friend of yours. Can be used before a pull if a player can suicide and then be rezzed. It can also be traded in conjunction with Innervate for Power Infusion if a Discipline Priest in present in the raid.
  • Front of the Pack: By default good whenever you want to use your Stampeding Roar and is especially good on Artificer (Covers out the whole duration of Annihilation) and on Sire Denathrius (Really good in P1 intermission, P3 1st and 2nd Massacre because of the Ravage overlaps)
  • Born of the Wilds: Good in M+ if you have to offheal a lot.
  • Tireless Pursuit: Might help a bit if you find yourself using cat form a lot to fill movement gaps.

Notes: Default into any of them, they are mostly personal preference.

DISCLAIMER: All of the trinkets in the following are examples. Your personal best trinkets depend on more factors such as ilvl meaning the best option is always to sim using either Top Gear, Droptimizer or Gear Compare.

There are 3 setups for trinket combinations:

  1. Double on-use
  2. One on-use + one equip
  3. Double equip

Double on-use: This combination can prove to be the strongest by far and excels in single target. The only problem is that it requires specific trinkets and can be heavily devalued by fight timers and volatility. This means it should not be used in unpredictable scenarios or situations where you have to either use your cooldowns immediately or you would lose a Convoke by playing double on-use. Refer to #17 to learn more about how to play with this combination.

Usable Trinkets:

Note: Soulletting Ruby should not be used with this setup due to the travel time making it incredibly hard to use.

2. One on-use, one equip: This combination should be used whenever double on-use is not a viable choice. A good example would be in M+ where without a lot of practice and coordination the pulling and damage pattern can be very volatile and you might have to use your cooldowns instantly.

Usable trinkets:

3. Double Equip: This combination is basically a budget version of the previous one, as in most scenarios the one of on-use trinket is going to outshine the 2nd on-use trinket due to the bursty damage pattern inside our CA paired with Convoke

Usable trinkets:

Notable trinkets: Inscrutable Quantum Device: This trinket has the potential to be the best on-use trinket by a large margin if the conditions found in #11 are met. These ultimately mean that the trinket is extremely good in M+ and whenever you can gurantee that later trinket usages are either in Bloodlust or when healers still have enough mana. You can adjust the value in sims using the IQD Stat Proc Chance option which will set the chance the trinket gives stats outside Bloodlust.

Instructor's Divine Bell: Unlike the Quantum Device, the bell is a very consistent trinket that gives us a lot of mastery inside our burst windows. The only downside of this trinket is its aquisiton, a very low drop chance from bastion callings, mission table rewards or a worldquest.

Empyreal Ordnance: The enabler of the double on-use combination is one of the more special trinkets and works in two parts: a dot and a buff. After the dot finishes, the buff part of the trinket comes back to the caster. Due to this it should mostly only be used in combination with another on-use trinket and not as a standalone when possible.

Cabalist's Hymnal: A very overstatted trinket that outshines all other equip trinkets due to both the ammount of stats it gives and the high ilvl it is obtainable at.

Unbound Changeling: This trinket gains most of its value from the fact that it is convertable into a stat proc of your choice by eating the corresponding food. Once a day it has a chance to proc 3 secondary stats which further increases its value. Mastery proc can be used a default but sim to find which secondary it should proc.

Insignia of Alacrity: Another equip trinket which has both positives and negatives. The negatives being that the trinket has a low stat budget and the positives being that it can be easily acquired through PvP at 226 ilvl if you can reach 2.1k rating.

Soulletting Ruby: Although this trinket gives crit it gives a very high amount of it making it a very good option if you don’t have access to another on-use trinket. When using it mind that it has a short delay before getting the buff depending on distance to the target.