Patch 9.2 FAQ

  • 2022-1-12:
    Added: Deep Allegiance
    Updated: Stellar Inspiration, Precise Alignment, Umbral Inspiration

  • 2022-1-11:
    Added: Changelog
    Updated: Kyrian cleanup

  • 2021-12-28:
    Added: Tier set opener, Kyrian KA build, KA spreadsheet
    Updated: Coundit section (SI,PA), Legendary stats+slots, hyperlinks for legendaries

9.2 PTR Changes

9.2 PTR is here and brings some additions to every spec. Everyone is getting their covenant legendary equipable for free, which means all covenant abilities are enhanced baseline. It is to note that this does not mean more choices since you can still only choose one legendary freely.
On top of this the first iteration of every set bonus has been revealed, ours being the following:

2-Set - Celestial Pillar:
Entering Lunar Eclipse creates a Fury of Elune at 25% effectiveness that follows your current target for 8 sec.
Notes: This currently gives the full 40 Astral Power and can stack.

4-Set - Umbral Infusion:
While inside Lunar Eclipse, the cost of Starsurge and Starfall is reduced by 20%.
Notes: This stacks multiplicatively with Timeworn Dreambinder and does not reduce progress per Astral Power spend for Primordial Arcanic Pulsar.

We have also received class changes:

Sinful Hysteria : Now extends Ravenous Frenzy by 0.1s per cast down from 0.2s and lingers 3s down from 5s. Notes: This is roughly a 10% total dps nerf to Venthyr in most situations.


With how the sets currently work, they will heavily favour one legendary, Primordial Arcanic Pulsar, since both set bonuses heavily synergize with it.
The 2-Set Celestial Pillar procs its Fury of Elune every time Pulsar is procced which in turn resets your Eclipse and allows for even more Lunar Eclipses. The FoE will spawn even when proccing Pulsar inside a running CA/Inc window.
The 4-Set Umbral Infusion may reduce the Astral Power you have to spend on Starsurge and Starfall but Pulsar still gets the original cost. A 24 cost Starsurge for example would still progress your Pulsar buff by 30.

Looking at covenants, the baseline covenant legendary and set bonuses favor Venthyr and Kyrian the most since their covenant legendaries are far superior to the Night Fae and Necrolord ones. With the Venthyr covenant legendary nerf Kyrian is currently the clear winner when including the buff you give to your partner, beating its competition by about 10%. For personal dps Venthyr is still ahead by ~2% of Kyrian and ~4% of Night Fae.

If you are just asking yourself “Hey, all this is great information and stuff but what covenant will we actually go?” now, the answer is simple: No one knows. There will inevitably be more changes to come to PTR which can push any covenant above the rest. Chances are they will be close enough that we will be switching on a per-boss basis as each covenant has different strengths. The only exception here is Necrolord, which would need 100% buffs to become competitive.

Simulationcraft has been updated for PTR changes and the APL has also received updates meaning you can sim the legendary changes and set bonuses using Raidbots. Additionally, our sim site will be kept updated whenever more changes come and can as always be found here: https://balance-simc.github.io/Balance-SimC/. You can run the sims yourself by double-clicking on any combination on that site and pasting the result into an Advanced sim on Raidbots. The most recent version of the PTR APL can be found here: https://github.com/balance-simc/Balance-SimC/blob/master/balance_ptr.txt. Feel free to look at the sims and sample sequences and in case anything looks out of line or wrong don’t hesitate to tell us.

Known bugs:

These bugs are known and will be fixed in a later ptr cycle.

  • The Astral Power generation from Celestial Pillar Fury of Elunes does not stack.
  • The first spender cast cost in an Eclipse is not reduced by Umbral Infusion.

Venthyr - with Nature's Balance(NB):
Wrath, Wrath, Starfire(combat starts half-way through the cast), dots, with NO Bloodlust: Starfire until 90+ AsP, Incarnation, Ravenous Frenzy, Wrath until max AsP if not there already, Starsurge 1x

Night Fae - with Nature's Balance(NB):
Wrath, Wrath, Starfire, dots, CA, Starsurge 2x, Convoke, Starsurge until you have no more AsP, New Moon, Half Moon, Starsurge, Full Moon

Kyrian - with Nature's Balance(NB):
Wrath, Wrath, Starfire, dots, CA, Empower Bond, Starsurge 2x, New Moon, Half Moon, Starsurge, Full Moon

In raid with 2-Set - Celestial Pillar and Nature's Balance:
Wrath, Wrath, dots, Wrath, CA, continue with the openers above.


In raid with Nature's Balance first 12 Astral Power gets reset to 50.

Start casting from max range at ~3.5-4 sec without Celestial Pillar. Start casting from max range at ~2 sec with Celestial Pillar.

Venthyr specific notes will be marked with (V) at the start of a point and Night Fae specific ones will be marked with (NF)

AoE starting at 2 targets:

Any situation:

  • Keep up Sunfire as long as your targets will live for another ~10 seconds (the amount of time is reduced per target hit).

  • Keep up Starfall at all times or use on cooldown with Stellar Drift .

Outside any Eclipse:

  • Refresh Moonfire outside of Eclipse if and only if ALL of the following are true:

    • The next eclipse you will enter is Lunar Eclipse
    • All targets can be hit by Starfire
    • There are 5 or less targets (10 or less with Twin Moons).
    • All targets will live through the entire Lunar Eclipse
    • You will not lose Starfall uptime.
  • Enter the next Eclipse if in no Eclipse, preferring Lunar Eclipse.

Lunar Eclipse and both Eclipses (CA/Inc):

  • Use Starsurge to stop yourself from overcapping AsP until 6 targets at which point you should overcap.

  • Refresh Moonfire if you are at 4 (8 with Twin Moons) targets or below if the targets will live through the next Eclipse.

  • Cast Starfire.

Solar Eclipse:

  • Use Starsurge to stop yourself from overcapping AsP.

  • Keep up Moonfire on up to 10 targets (20 with Twin Moons) if they will live through the next Eclipse and you won’t lose Starfall uptime.

  • Starfire when 5 targets can be hit by it, increased by 1 target for every 20% mastery you have.

  • Cast Wrath.

BEFORE cooldowns:

  • If the pack will last more than 35s put Moonfire on up to 8 targets (16 with Twin Moons). This happens very rarely but is a gain in case it happens.
  • (V) Refresh Sunfire so you only have to refresh it once during Cooldowns.

(V) DURING Ravenous Frenzy:

  • Refresh Sunfire during pandemic(30% of base duration).
  • Keep Starfall up at all times or on cooldown with Stellar Drift. Try to time the last Starfall with Drift so that it will be up during the last 8s of your cooldowns.
  • Refresh Moonfire on up to 6 (12 with Twin Moons) targets when they will live for another ~20 seconds.
  • https://wago.io/mYVIsyQN8 for filler. The recommendation this WeakAura gives is not correct when your targets will die before your cooldowns end or the targets are spread.
  • If the filler is Wrath or up to 5 targets use Starsurge to prevent overcapping.


  • This should be used as a priority, going from top to bottom.

The venthyr only version can be found here.

Venthyr specific notes will be marked with (V) at the start of a point and Night Fae specific ones will be marked with (NF)

Single target priority list OUTSIDE cooldowns:

  • Keep up Moonfire, Sunfire and Stellar Flare and refresh within pandemic(30% of base duration).
  • Enter the next Eclipse, preferring Solar Eclipse.
  • Cast Fury of Elune if it will be up again for your next usage in CA/Inc.
  • (NF) Cast Moons if you are in Lunar Eclipse or you are overcapping charges inside solar eclipse. If possible save charges for CA/INC.
  • Cast Starsurge when you would overcap Astral Power before entering the next Eclipse. This usually equates to spending 3 Starsurges at the start like you did with BoAT but can vary. Don’t spend if you need to move soon.
  • Cast Wrath in Solar Eclipse.
  • Cast Starfire in Lunar Eclipse.
  • Cast dots if have nothing to cast while you are moving.

(V) Single target priority list BEFORE cooldowns:

  • Make sure to have 90+ Astral Power before using cooldowns. The only exception is when Bloodlust would run out before Inc expires at which point you Inc+Frenzy sooner. This happens with Bloodlust on pull.
  • Make sure Fury of Elune will be up in the last 4 sec of your Ravenous Frenzy.

(V) Single target priority list INSIDE cooldowns: Before the 5s extension buff:

  • Use Berserking at the start of Frenzy without Bloodlust or at 6s of the initial buff remaining with Bloodlust.
  • Use your trinket so that it will be for the rest of your cooldowns. Never ever use off gcd items/spells between casts, always use them during a gcd. For exact timings see Timings sections.
  • Use pot at 17s Ravenous Frenzy remaining
  • Cast Fury of Elune if the initial Ravenous Frenzy has 4 or less seconds remaining
  • Cast Starsurge to prevent capping Astral Power
  • Keep up Moonfire, Sunfire and Stellar Flare
  • Cast Wrath to fill until 150% haste at which point you should fill with Starfire.

(V) During the 5s Ravenous Frenzy extension buff:

(NF)Convoke the Spirits and Pulsar usage:

  • Cast Convoke inside any CA / INC window (also meaing pulsar windows).
  • If possible try lining up a pooled up Pulsar with INC. It is important to note that if you are already in Inc, proccing pulsar will extend the duration of Inc, but using Inc inside a pulsar window will not extend it.


  • Due to no longer using Balance of All Things there is no longer as compelling of a reason to Starsurge at the beginning of an Eclipse and thus you can often save Astral Power for movement without any relevant dps loss. Starsurge Empowerment exists but it is a very weak effect.

  • (V) With Stellar Drift AND Soul of the Forest it is only a 1% dps loss to use Starfall on CD including during Frenzy so if there is any movement at all use Starfall when you happen to be attacking a single target with it talented. With Incarnation talented you should avoid using Starfalls during Frenzy as it is a much bigger loss but with Stellar Drift Starfall should still be used to avoid downtime. Do not just use Stellar Drift for a pure single target fight as it is still a ~4% dps loss doing this compared to Stellar Flare unless there is no way of getting a good Frenzy window without it.

1 Target:

  • Starfire if at or above 110% haste for Night Fae and 150% for Venthyr (You would currently need both Bloodlust and Power Infusion or other external haste buffs in order to reach this amount. A WeakAura tracking your current haste value might come in handy.)
  • Wrath if below 110% haste for Night Fae and 150% for Venthyr

2 Targets and above:

When Lunar Eclipse is active use Owlkin Frenzy procs asap. When ONLY Solar Eclipse is active use it when fighting 3+ targets or when you need to move. Otherwise let it expire.

No, all of our periodic damage (like Moonfire, Sunfire, Stellar Flare ) does NOT snapshot, everything is dynamic. That means any dots gain/lose the mastery bonus upon entering/leaving the Eclipse that buffs them and whenever any other stat/damage increases are applied/expire.

Sim yourself using Raidbots Top Gear. Do not follow any stat priorities.

DISCLAIMER: All of the trinkets in the following are examples. Your personal best trinkets depend on more factors such as ilvl meaning the best option is always to sim using either Top Gear, Droptimizer or Gear Compare.

There are 3 setups for trinket combinations:

  1. Double on-use
  2. One on-use + one equip
  3. Double equip

Double on-use: This combination can prove to be the strongest from all the other trinket combinations IF you are playing Venthyr with the Sinful Hysteria legendary. The only problem is that it requires specific trinkets and can be more difficult to use. You want to line up the last 5 sec from the IQD buff during Bloodlust AND Bell with the first 3 starsurges inside the Sinful Hysteria extension window.

Usable Trinkets:

2. One on-use, one equip: This combination should be used whenever double on-use is not a viable choice. A good example would be in M+ where Bell loses value due to it not scaling into AoE as well.

Usable trinkets:

3. Double Equip: Double equip items should never be played unless it can’t be avoided (if for example you simply don’t have any good on-use items) due to our CA/Inc being so much of our damage with any Covenant.

Usable trinkets:

Notable trinkets: Inscrutable Quantum Device: This trinket has the potential to be the best on-use trinket by a large margin if the conditions found in #11 are met. These ultimately mean that the trinket is extremely good in M+ and whenever you can gurantee that later trinket usages are either in Bloodlust or when healers still have enough mana. You can adjust the value in sims using the IQD Stat Proc Chance option which will set the chance the trinket gives stats outside Bloodlust.

Instructor's Divine Bell: Unlike the Quantum Device, the bell is a very consistent trinket that gives us a lot of mastery inside our burst windows. You can farm it by switching between a maxed Covenant and a Covenant without any progress in the mission table which will infinitely reset missions until you get the bell.

Empyreal Ordnance: A pretty unique trinket that is split into two parts: a dot and a buff. After the dot finishes, the buff part of the trinket comes back to the caster. Due to this trinket putting other on use trinkets on a 40 sec cd, it should only be used with an equip trinket. If IQD is not usable or the ilvl discrepancy between these two trinkets is too big, then this trinket might be the best choice as Venthyr.

Forbidden Necromantic Tome: An overall solid trinket that can be obtained at higher ilvl than other trinkets.

Titanic Ocular Gland: A very good trinket if you are able above 50% health most of the encounter (which should essentially be all of them).

Unbound Changeling: This trinket gains most of its value from the fact that it is convertable into a stat proc of your choice by eating the corresponding food. Once a day it has a chance to proc 3 secondary stats which further increases its value. Mastery proc can be used a default but sim to find which secondary it should proc.

Soulletting Ruby: Although this trinket gives crit it gives a very high amount of it making it a decent option for Night Fae if you don’t have access to another on-use trinket. When using it mind that it has a short delay before getting the buff depending on distance to the target.

Default single target setup (pure single target raid bosses):

Fury of Elune and Incarnation should be used as Venthyr. New Moon should be picked for any other covenant.

Default AoE setup (M+ and heavy AoE bosses):

Note that Force of Nature can and should be used in M+ for any key level where the tank could die even though they are a minor dps loss. WoE performs better on 4+ sustained targets or heavy AoE burst. The choice between Twin Moons and Drift depends on how long targets live and how much value the movement has. A general rule of thumb is pick Twin Moons if there are consistently 6+ targets that live 20+ seconds.

Mixed target count or mostly spread AoE (Council type bosses or bosses with add waves):

Soul of the forest should only be picked for bosses with extended stacked AoE.

T50 row choices and playstyle (9.1)

The currently most viable playstyles are:

  • Venthyr Hysteria
  • NF Pulsar
  • Kyrian Kindred Affinity

Venthyr Hysteria:

  • Solstice is playable in spread aoe but requires 3+ targets of permanent uptime which can be very very hard to find. The closest example where Solstice would beat FoE on paper would be Council of Blood from Castle Nathria but none of the current raid.

  • FoE is incredibly strong with this build beating out any other talent in 99% of the situations on both ST and stacked AoE. You will want to use FoE whenever you have 4 sec left on Ravenous Frenzy inside Incarnation, and on cd inside any eclipse whenever outside of it.

  • Moons should never get picked with this build as they are inferior to FoE in every scenario.

Night Fae Pulsar + Kyrian KA:

  • Solstice is a better choice for this build when compared to Venthyr because of the fact that FoE is not as strong, meaning that you will have more oportunities to pick this talent depending on the raid fight.

  • FoE is again very strong, but this time only on stacked AOE rather than ST and should be used when you enter CA or on cd as the first global of a new eclipse if CA+Convoke are not available.

  • Moons should be picked over FoE as they are the roughly a 0.7% dps upgrade over FoE on pure ST. Save moons for CA/Inc without overcapping and if not inside CA/Inc they should preferably be casted inside Lunar Eclipse.


  • Endless Thrist: 100% of the time this should be your first go to potency slot as Venthyr.
  • Conflux of the Elements: 100% of the time this should be your first go to potency slot as Night Fae.
  • Deep Allegiance: This should be your first go to potency slot as Kyrian as it enables 45sec bond. If you are linked to a Demonology warlock this coundit should be avoided as you want to use it every minute together with their tyrant.
  • Fury of the Skies: Default go to as a secondary slot.
  • Precise Alignment: For Venthyr this is an exceptionally good conduit because of the Sinful Hysteria legendary and should always be used in tandem with it. For Pulsar in general (all covenants with 9.2 tier set) this is the 2nd strongest conduit. Without Pulsar it has the same value as Umbral.
  • Umbral Intensity: Situational usage, but gets outshone by Fury and Precise.
  • Stellar Inspiration: Currently not viable.


  • This should be used as a priority list, going from top to bottom.
  • Precise Alignment is a must have as Venthyr.


  • Well-Honed Instincts: A must have. One of the most overtuned endurance conduits in the game raid wise.
  • Ursine Vigor: Really good if you will ever go into bear form to soak an ability. Especially good on progression and if you will ever press Heart of the Wild while being talented into Guardian Affinity.
  • Tough as Bark: Good if you press Barkskin a lot or the fight timers allow a shorter Barkskin to line up better with certain abilities.
  • Condensed Anima Sphere: Probably the best pick all around if you are not targeting a specific conduit for a specific fight or if you have a spot open and do not know what else to go for.
  • Innate Resolve: Mediocre value since it will only have value when Well-Honed Instincts procs or you are already actively healing yourself. In both cases you are very likely already safe.
  • Layered Mane: Unlike Well-Honed Instincs this is a Guardian conduit that actually only Guardian wants.

Notes: Default Instincts and fill in the rest as needed.


  • Front of the Pack: The best default pick as roar is very useful in many raid encounters and to get around dungeons quicker.
  • Born Anew: Useful pick to get someone up again without them losing as much damage from the lost food buff. Can no longer be used before a pull as the food buff will reset to 20 main stat on raid combat start.
  • Born of the Wilds: Good in M+ if you have to offheal a lot through Heart of the Wild.
  • Tireless Pursuit: Can be very strong if you often find yourself using Cat Form/Travel Form to dodge mechanics/get around.

Night Fae:

  • 99% of the time Niya - Use Burrs for 1-3 targets and when there aren’t any immune targets it can proc on. Otherwise use a second/third potency conduit.
  • 1% of the time Korayn - good when the 25% crit on hitting a new target Soulbind can abused.


  • By default Theotar with Wasteland Propriety.
  • Whenever you can time your CDs to line up with Euphoria and it is not viable to stand in the Umbrella Nadja with Dauntless Duelist for ST and a 3rd potency slot for AOE. This Soulbind is generally not advised though.


Potion of Spectral Intellect for all situations.

Night Fae:

Pulsar with Mastery + Haste/Vers


Sinful Hysteria with Mastery + Haste


Kindred Affinity with Mastery + Haste

9.2 Double Legendary:

Pulsar + Covenant Legendary with Mastery + Haste.

Sinful Hysteria slot:

Craft this on Belt because of the Domination Sockets.

Pulsar slot:

Craft this on Ring because of the Domination Sockets.

Circle slot:

Ring because of the Domination Sockets.

BoAT slot:

You should craft the legendary on Legs because of the Domination Sockets.


Currently with the legendary Sinful Hysteria it outperforms Night Fae in both Single target and AOE and should be your default pick when mainly playing Balance Druid.

Night Fae:

Night Fae Balance druid is still a viable spec and should be your default pick when playing multiple Druid specs or when you just prefer the aesthetics or gameplay.


Can be competitive with the Kyrian legendary due the legendary’s absurd power but is a fair amount behind when not including it.


Not currently competitive.

Notes: For 9.2 information refer to the news.

With the current iteration of Domination Sockets you should use the Chaos Bane (Unholy) set. After you get the set which includes the Dyz gem, you should look to get the Bek, Cor and Kyr gems which are all situationally extremely strong. In add fights prefer the Cor gem, in single target fights prefer the Bek gem (other than Sylvanas) and in all fights that require more sustain or you need a 5th socket if either Bek or Cor are not giving any significant value, use Kyr.

Should I delay Convoke for it to line up with CA?

Yes you should always delay Convoke UNLESS you can cast a Convoke without losing a CA+Convoke (both at the same time) cast. This will for example happen in 5 minute fights where you would cast Convoke+CA on pull, Convoke alone after 2 minutes and then Convoke+CA at 4 minutes.

For M+ the same logic applies when you for example know you won’t be using your CA for another 2min due to saving it for a boss you can use a solo Convoke. This should be minimized though as every desynced Convoke is a damage loss.

If you are playing with the Primordial Arcanic Pulsar legendary you should use Convoke whenever you are in either a Pulsar or a CA / INC window.

What is the chance of getting Full Moon during Convoke?

The chance of getting a Full Moon during Convoke the Spirits is based on a “Stacked Deck” system with a deck of 5 cards. What this means every time we enter a new combat we get a deck of 5 cards and one of them is Full Moon. Every time we use Convoke one card is drawn so the first cast always has a 20% chance of casting Full Moon. If the first cast didn’t proc a Full Moon the second cast will have a 1/4=25% chance to proc one and so on. After the whole deck has been drawn or you leave combat a new deck of 5 cards is created. In a normal raid encounter this mechanic means that you will never get more than 1 Full Moon unless you died as you’d have to cast 6 Convokes to even have a chance to get another Full Moon.

How does the covenant legendary affect Convoke?

Currently it reduces the spells cast by 1/4 and casts 2.4 Wraths, 2.2 Starsurges, 0.9 Starfalls and 0.425 Full Moons on average when every target is dotted. This is about half the Wrath and Starsurge casts than without the legendary. Addtionally the legendary reduces the amount of cards in the deck for Full Moon from 5 to 2 but gives the Full Moon card only a 85% chance to proc the Full Moon.

The Venthyr Compendium can be found here.

The following are super minor things you can do to gain a small amount of extra damage once you are comfortable with the rotation:

  • Dotting outside Eclipse without losing dot uptime on single target is a ~0.4% gain when not using Solstice.
  • At 150%+ haste using Starfire is minorly better than Wrath on single target. This will only happen with Power Infusion or very high base haste.
  • When Ravenous Frenzy has less than your current fillers cast time left you should already start dumping Astral Power to get another 1-2 stacks. This is about a 0.6% gain.
  • With Stellar Drift it is only a very minor loss (1-2%) to Starfall during Ravenous Frenzy as long as you enter Sinful Hysteria with 90+ AsP.
  • Without Incarnation and a low enough Precise Alignment it is a minor gain to use Ravenous Frenzy before Celestial Alignment so that CA will be up throughout Frenzy+Hysteria. The exact timing depends on your Precise Alignment rank but it should be no more than 2 globals after the Frenzy cast.
  • If the fight time allows it wait for Euphoria/Fatal Flaw(Nadija Soulbinds) before using cooldowns. This is relevant for 5-6 min kill times.
  • If the fight allows it wait for pot to be up again. This is relevant for 6min fights.


Once everything is on live you will be able to sim as normal and that will, as always, give you the best results. It is to note that for Venthyr sims adjusting the fight duration can have a relevant impact on how strong some items may be so it can be beneficial to adjust the sim duration to fight the fight you are simming for. Keep in mind that there will be a 20% fight length variance in sims meaning that a 5min sim is actually a 4-6min sim.


Generally you will want an on-use trinket and the strongest passive trinket you can find. The strongest on-use trinkets are Inscrutable Quantum Device, Empyreal Ordnance (yes, without double on-use) and Instructor's Divine Bell (yes, it’s still broken even at low ilvl). IQD and Bell can be combined for a minor dps increase in the sub 0.5% area, although if that is better with your ilvl trinket you will have to sim. The raid on-use trinkets are all bad because we are a 3min class unless you cannot have your stats be mastery>haste for IQD.

As a passive trinket you have a plethora of options. For single target your best options are the new trinkets Titanic Ocular Gland (2nd boss raid), Forbidden Necromantic Tome (last boss raid), Tome of Monstrous Constructions (1st boss raid), Infinitely Divisble Ooze, Unbound Changeling, Soul Cage Fragment (World Boss) and a bunch of others. For AoE/M+ the damage proc trinkets fall off meaning you won’t want the Tome or Oooze but the other trinkets stay as good. As always just sim what trinkets are best from the ones you have.

Ideal stats:

Ideal stats are something that are not realistic to achieve and should thus not be a goal of any kind, this section is purely for interest. Independent of that with Venthyr Balance Druid mastery and haste are far, far more valuable than crit and vers as your sims will show. In fact when you could choose any kind of stats you wouldn’t want any crit or vers but again this is not realistic.

  • How does Kindred Spirits (Kyrian covenant ability) work?

When you use Kindred Spirits both people get an empty pool that lasts 20 seconds and 15% of your damage, healing and damage taken empties the pool to increase/absorb each. Each person also gets a buff that lasts 10 seconds and during that time 20% of your damage fills up the pool of the other person.

  • Who do I bond Kindred Spirits with and when do I use it?

With Kindred Affinity you prefer to bond with a Night Fae because of the haste. Kyrian sadly gives very poor value and should be avoided. An experimental sheet for Kindred Affinity in 9.2 with tier sets and 2 legendaries and more information can be found here.

/stopmacro [channeling: convoke the spirits]
/stopmacro [noform:4]
/cast Celestial Alignment
/use 13
/use Potion of Spectral Intellect
/cast Convoke the Spirits


  • This is for Night Fae only!

  • DO NOT use this macro while on the gcd (like just having casted a dot or Starsurge) or the Convoke will not fire. Wait until the gcd is finished.

  • “#showtooltip” makes the tooltip of CA show upon hovering over the macro.

  • “/stopmacro [channeling: convoke the spirits]” prevents the macro from being casted if you are currently channeling Convoke.

  • “/stopmacro [noform:4]” prevents the macro from being casted if you are NOT in Moonkin Form.

  • “/cast Celestial Alignment” casts CA.

  • “/cleartarget” clears your current target. This is useful whenever using the “Inscrutable Quantum Device” trinket and makes it so that the trinket does not use its execute part. Do not use this with a targeted trinket.

  • “/use 13” uses the trinket in the 13/upper slot. You can use 14 if your on-use trinket is in the bottom slot.

  • “/targetlasttarget retargets your last target after being cleared by the “cleartarget”.

  • “/use Potion of Spectral Intellect” uses your potion. If your potion is not assigned to any specific point you can put it here.

  • “/cast Convoke the Spirits” uses the Nightfae covenant ability.

  • “/cqs” cancels your queued spell. Convoke can sometimes cancel itself when using a macro due to weirdness with spell queuing. This stops any weirdness thus your Convoke from ever cancelling itself.

You can and should remove/add other commands to this macro depending on situation. For example the potion line, or the “stopmacro [noform:4]” line.

When this trinket is used, it triggers the effect with the first condition that applies from the following list:

  • Remove CC from self: Always triggers if you are under a hard CC mechanic, does not trigger if the CC mechanic does not prevent the player from acting (e.g., it won’t trigger while rooted).

  • Heal spell: Triggers on self or a nearby target with less than 30% health remaining.

  • Execute damage: Deals damage to the target if it is an enemy with less than 20% health remaining. (You can prevent this by untargetting the mob via a macro, see #19.)

  • Secondary stat buff with Bloodlust: If a Bloodlust buff is up, the stat buff will last 25s instead of the default 20s, always be your highest rating and have higher prio than giving mana.

  • Mana: Gives mana to a healer with less than 30% mana.

  • Secondary stat buff: Grants a 20s secondary stat buff randomly selected from the player’s two highest secondary stats in terms of rating.

Astral damage is Arcane and Nature damage at the same time meaning that these spells benefit from effects that buff either spell school and double dip whenever effects that buff both are active. Mind that class buffs only affect class spells so if a trinket does nature or arcane damage they are not affected by our buffs to these spell classes.

Why am I doing low damage?

This is obviously a very hard question to answer correctly without a LOT of context, but nonetheless it is probably one of the most asked questions. Some conditionals for doing high damage as a balance druids are:

Key level
The higher the key level the more you will be able to apply your dots and ramp your damage.

Your group composition and how to approach playing around it
A good example for this would be you doing a weekly +15 key with your venthyr moonkin friend. In a scenario like this you would want to desync your cooldowns. Most of the time, especially as a venthyr druid in lower to medium keys, you want your cooldowns to be uncontested by other people in your group, meaning that you are the only person that is using cooldowns on a pack.

Your gear
Obviously, like anything else in WoW, your gear will matter no matter what. The better the gear, the more damage you will do. That being said a big trap would be chasing gear over improving personal play. You can get away with using topgear and Droptimiser until you reach the very high echelons of raiding or M+.

Route and Pulls
Especially as a Venthyr it is imperative that your tank pulls around your cooldowns, as most of your damage comes from those windows. If you have to use your cooldowns on a 3 mob pack that lasts 15 seconds you will want to Hearthstone right out of the key.

Your own skill
Obviously above all else pressing your buttons correctly will net you the most damage. Refer to the aoe priority for more information.

M+ Talents

M+ Soulbinds

Night Fae

M+ Domination Sockets


M+ Anima Powers

Soggodon the Breaker
- Stone Ward

Incinerator Arkolath
- Champion’s Brand
- Bolstering (only in explosive week)

Oros Coldheart
- Regenerative Fungus

Executioner Varruth
- Volcanic Plumage (for pack control if needed as a triple pick for stability)
- Dagger of Necrotic Wounding (tyran/low pack density dung)
- Champion’s Brand (rest)

M+ Preparation

  • Use CA and RF 1 second before the key starts then follow it up by spamming Remove Corruption. This assures that you will not lose your Ravenous Frenzy and keep building stacks with it.
  • Around 3 seconds before you can move out of the dungeon starting area use Stampeding Roar in order for you to get 1 more Ravenous Frenzy stack. (You have to make sure that you are not in bear or cat form for this to work) After the Roar go back into Moonkin Form and continue spamming Remove Corruption. If you are nearing the pack and you are specced into Restoration Affinity you can also put up Rejuvenations on the party.
  • Make sure that before your RF expires you can reuse it and extend how many stacks you had for 25 more seconds. Example: You ramped up to 28 stacks with the RF from before the key started and you have 1 sec left on it. Before Sinful Hysteria procs, use RF again (its cooldown got reset by putting the key in and the buff got preserved) and you will now have 25 seconds of continuous 28stack Ravenous Frenzy. If you successfully do this make sure to spam starfire instead of ramping with wrath, as you can not affect the stacks any longer. (FrenzyFiller will most likely show Wrath, as it does not compute the interaction.)
  • To minmax this interaction even further you can change to a set with high haste before the dungeon, pop Drums or Bloodlust before the dungeon and then use IQD/ CA / RF in order to assure a 25sec haste buff IQD and be able to get 34stacks of RF.

How to Improve in M+

If you want to push to the next level you can improve a lot by recording your gameplay. Afterwards, review the recordings while looking out for either small micro errors in your gameplay like optimization on dotting, Starfall uptime, Eclipse cycling and AP pooling. Be on the lookout for improvements on what trash packs to pull and how they are controlled. Some macro tips to look out for may include but are not limited to:

  • Offhealing when necessary in order to save or stabilize a pull.
  • Setting up future packs if a double pull is incoming or you are trying to skip a pack. This can be done by locking a whole pack in place by rooting/hibernating the “leader” of the pack. Most patrol packs are following one certain mob in that pack, usually the biggest mob or the one in the front. (Ether Divers in SoA)
  • Utilising Innervate preemptively in order for your group to be able to chain more packs and not have to wait for mana.
  • Pooling AP as a pack is dying in order to be above 50AP before the next group of mobs to be able to maintain Starfall from the start.

M+ Covenants by Luddeus

If trash dies too fast, Moonkin just doesn’t do any damage. This is more of a Moonkin issue than a Venthyr vs Night Fae issue. Yes, the problem is a tad more exacerbated from Venthyr since they don’t do much damage out of CDs. Night Fae still technically has pulsar for some trash damage, but this doesn’t really matter at all. You’re not going to be doing decent damage on trash as a boomkin if things die fast, and besides, it doesn’t matter. Things dying fast is good, it means the key is getting timed and that’s all that matters. Overall dps is a horrible metric to look at by itself.

Venthyr will do much better than Night Fae in more relevant keys where trash stays alive. A key in which Venthyr does worse than Night Fae, in general, is very likely a key where it doesn’t really matter what covenant you are since you’re gonna be timing the key. This doesn’t just depend on one single metric. It’s a combination of key level, the dungeon, how much the tank pulls, your group’s gear/dmg, etc. There isn’t any set goal where you can say “Oh, Venthyr is better above X level”, or “Oh, Venthyr is only good when group is pulling around my CDs”. These statements are all incorrect by themselves, and should not be parroted. Keep in mind these suggestions are assuming you only care about PvE as Moonkin. If you regularly play feral and resto in relevant content, Night Fae might be the better choice for you.