Balance BFA FAQ

Does ______ trait stack?

  • Yes. The flat damage portions of traits stack like the moonfire increase for potm or streaking. The % chances to proc on others does not.

Starlord Optimization?

  • Don’t worry about it too much, just don’t spend astral power with 4 secs left.

Optimal Opener:

  • Starting at -2s before pull -> wrath, wrath, dot, dot, wrath to ~40 astral power, CA/Incarn, FoN/FoE/WoE, regular rotation.

Based on sims ran, starting at 40 astral power is optimal

What stats do I need?

  • Simming yourself using raidbots.com is easy and painless and is far more accurate to get stat weights for yourself. Gearing purely based on stats is an archaic way of thinking.

What talents?

  • Check out dreamgrove.gg or wowhead or icyveins. All 3 guides are reputable and great.


  • Haste enchants and gems. Quick navigation for weapons.


  • Currently rising death if 1-2 targets, else you use intellect pot for 3+.

Why do people sim with stellar flare but don’t use it?

  • It sims highest on single target, but compared to twin moons it is far less practical. Only situation is for spread dot cleave which do not exist currently.

Seabreeze is it good?

  • Not so hot as its a rppm weapon.

Squalls? Squalls? Squalls?

  • Relatively good now, will get replaced in Uldir. Better than 340 trinkets.


  • There should be a trinket list on chickendb.com but for personal use sim yourself!

High Noon?

  • It’s a trash can trait just avoid it.

Streaking Stars?

  • Very good single target trait, try to get 3x of this. On opener build to 40 astral power, no more no less, as 40 astral power is the perfect number.

Then start rotation:

  1. Use CDs
  2. Maintain DoTs
  3. Cast LS to avoid capping
  4. Cast SW if last spell cast was not SW and you will not cap AP
  5. Normal priority beyond this point

All offensive spells proc this trait!

Power of the Moon good?

  • Yes for trash packs or 2-3 target fights. It is also called potm for short and you need 3x, 2x isn’t worth it. If you want to know how it changes your rotation go to the wowhead/icyveins/dg.gg guides to learn about that.

Should I replace my 325 Azerite with 340?

  • Raidbots.com will let you sim the two against each other if it is not an obvious upgrade.

Simulationcraft Stack Rankings?

  • Don’t trust em they are not fully accurate They used bad traits for us and nonoptimal gear.

Is Moonkin viable?

  • Yes very much so.