Azerite Hotfix Update

Special Thanks to Jundarer and Gastank for all the work that they have done to get us the available information in regards to these changes! If you see them around thank them!

Hey guys, recently there was a hotfix to all of the Moonkin specific Azerite traits. These changes are massive and change a lot about the spec so it was decided we should make an update so you all know what is going on. We’re just going to go down the list and explain one trait at a time. If you haven’t already seen the changes, here they are:

Trait Changed By
Streaking Stars 200% Buff
Power of the Moon 50% Buff
Sunblaze 250% Buff
Dawning Sun .4% Buff
High Noon 81% Buff
Lunar Shrapnel 73% Nerf

Streaking Stars - Streaking Stars is now our top single target Azerite trait, making the trait worth almost 5% damage per trait on single target, that is much more than any other Azerite trait it competes against. This trait also makes Incarnation: Chosen of Elune a much stronger cooldown (Celestial Alignment as well), being the best talent on single target now and giving us very potent burst.

Power of the Moon - This trait is by far the most precarious change. Basically, this trait is memefire from Antorus on steroids. This trait allows for you to:

  • On Single target with 3 Power of the Moon traits you fill with Moonfire instead of unempowered Solar Wraths. While it isn’t as strong as Streaking Stars on single target, it is only about 6-7% worse, so Power of the Moon could be the go to on high movement fights.

  • You spam Moonfire on 2 targets with 1 trait and only casting Starsurge and Sunfire otherwise. With 3 Traits on 2 targets, it is not worth to cast Starsurge at all.

  • Moonfire Spam on 3-5 targets with 2-3 traits and only spending Empowerments, Starfalling, and keeping Sunfire up.

Sunblaze - The buff this Azerite trait got is enormous, but it doesn’t amount to much. Sunblaze itself is quite weak, amounting for not even 2% damage per trait on single target. This trait is mediocre compared to other traits still.

Dawning Sun - Possibly an error, this trait only received a .4% increase. This trait much like Sunblaze is mediocre compared to other traits, accounting for not even a 2% increase on single target.

High Noon - While not nearly as bad this trait suffers from a similar problem that Power of the Moon does, the damage affecting the direct damage of the ability. This means that if you have 3 High Noon traits it becomes better to spam Sunfire on pure single target, only keeping Moonfire up, casting Starsurge, and spending Empowerments. This allows for significant increases in your movement, while still retaining competitive DPS (about 1% behind x3 Streaking Stars).

Lunar Shrapnel - The trait is infamous for being extremely over tuned, well it has now been brought in line. Lunar Shrapnel currently only becomes the best trait on 5+ target sustained AoE. For now, it loses a lot of value due to the overwhelming power of Power of the Moon though. This means, as it stands, Lunar Shrapnel doesn’t really fit any realistic situation in raids or dungeons.

Lively Spirit - While this trait isn’t a Balance Druid trait, it is incredibly powerful for us and is worth talking about even though it didn’t receive any changes. Lively Spirit is about on par with Streaking Stars in damage, assuming you get a realistic 9 stacks from it each use. Also empowerming the talent Incarnation much like Streaking Stars, the main difference between the two is Lively Spirit doesn’t fall off in damage with more targets. This trait is quite problematic as it creates a toxic playstyle, using a supportive ability as a damage cooldown.


  • Streaking Stars and Lively Spirit (when used optimally) are both top choices on Single Target now.

  • Power of the Moon and High Noon and their associated spell spam of Moonfire and Sunfire with using Starsurge and only casting empowered spells is very close in Single Target DPS with a traditional build especially when you have x3 of that trait. This allows for insane mobility overall.

  • Power of the Moon and Moonfire spam is back and has really big item level gaps on 2 and 3 targets as to what you will take Azerite wise.

  • Your heroic 325 POTM’s will be about even with mythic non-potm azerite on 2t (realistically less since you don’t have middle ring, but still)