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Moonkin Monthly - BFA Changes

Hey all, we are back with another Episode of Moonkin Monthly. We go over the latest Balance changes on the beta with our first guest Davidq of Vodkaz (Zul’jin-US)


Celestial Alignment (Changed): Increases the damage of all your spells by 20% and granting you 15% Haste for 20 sec.

Eclipse (New): Lunar Strike has a 20% chance to grant you Solar Empowerment. Solar Wrath has a 20% chance to grant you Lunar Empowerment.

Solar Empowerment (Changed): Causes your next Solar Wrath to explode for an additional 10% of its damage to all nearby enemies and reduces its cast time by 15%.

Force of Nature (Changed): Summons 3 Treants and generates 20 Astral Power over 10sec.

Fury of Elune (Changed): Generates 40 Astral Power and cooldown changed from 1.5min to 1.3min.

Incarnation Chosen of Elune (Changed): Increases damage of all spells by 25% and grants 15% haste.

Natures Balance (Changed): While in combat you generate 2 Astral Power every 3 sec. While out of combat your Astral Power rebalances to 50 instead of depleting to empty.

Shooting Stars (Changed): Now only generates 2 Astral Power instead of 4.

Soul of the Forest (Changed): Increases the damage bonuses from Lunar and Solar Empowerment by 30%. Reduces the Astral Power cost of Starfall by 10.

Twin Moons (New): Moonfire deals 20% increased damage and also hits another nearby enemy within 20 yds of the target.

Warrior of Elune (Changed): Your next 3 Lunar Strikes are instant cast and generate 40% additional Astral Power.