Dad Build Guide

An alternative to the current single target staple that is OI / IFE / Incarn, the ‘Dad’ build is called such because of it’s ease and passive play nature. The recommended single target setup for mythic plus, you run SOTF / OI / RM for single target bosses and Sephuz / LATC for trash and some AOE bosses. It has some uses in raid, but not nearly as much as for in the mythic plus scene
If you would like to sim dad build for yourself, you can check some of the profiles below in the document or just talent SOTF in raidbots.

The rotation priority is as follows:

  1. Dots up
  2. Starfall down
  3. Moons on CD
  4. OI Procs
  5. If you have 60+ AP, cast one Starsurge to maintain Tier 21 4pc
  6. Spend Empowerments
  7. Wrath Filler

The cooldown rotation is as follows:
Wrath -> Wrath -> New Moon -> Sunfire -> Moonfire -> Half Moon -> Starfall -> Full Moon -> Full Moon -> CA -> SS

You now have placed one Starfall down before your CA and will place one more as it expires in the middle of your cooldown. During your CA you cast as many Starsurges as possible apart from bracer procs or your one vanilla starfall.

Keep in mind that RM is the crux of this setup. When choosing between RM and OI to take off, you should take off OI.


The criteria for this build to perform competitively in raids is as follows:

  1. If your fight times do not allow you an extra incarn or the encounter ends right as your cooldown comes backup

  2. If there are short durations of cleave during the encounter

  3. You have very strong off pieces to replace your Tier 20

  4. When talented into Blessing of the Ancients, you should be Elune during Celestial Alignment and An'she outside of Celestial Alignment

We would like to add that while this build will not always be as strong as the current favored build, it can almost always be an option on single target if you feel you struggle with movement and mechanics.

Another caveat to Dad Build during CA is to really try to spend as much AP on Starsurge as you can during your cooldowns.

Mythic +


The way that you use Dad Build in M+ is you permanently talent Soul of the Forest, Shooting Stars, and Stellar Drift. I personally prefer Warrior of Elune when running this setup due in part to Starlord generally being devalued as a whole on single target. You swap to the OI + RM build on single target trash and bosses. Attempt to play in your Starfall as much as you can. The Dad build generally assists in doing more complex mechanics required in M+. For the general populous of M+ players THIS WILL BE AHEAD. Dad build will generally come out on top overall though due to you being able to have an extra Legendary on AOE and it is typically very close to an incarn setup on ST.

  1. Mythic + boss fight lengths generally are not extended long enough to get a ton of IFE value + the downtime after bosses will generally devalue IFE even more.

  2. Incarnation: Chosen of Elune is a very difficult ability to use in mythic +. This is because of the 30 seconds required for trash to live so you would be able to get maximum efficiency out of incarn.

  3. You effectively gain a extra legendary (Sephuz primarily) on AOE. SOTA was decent and still is decent, but Sephuz + LATC on AOE and Dad Build ST is just too hard to compete with.

Crucible Weights

3 ilevel > FS > Tier 2 Stats > 2 ilevel = Tier 2 Procs = SotS/TG/SB > 1 ilevel = Everything else